How to lost weight

By | August 22, 2017

I lost weight and now my wife hates me. She actually thinks that I lost weight so that I can chat up all the girls the office. That is not why I did it for, I lost weight because I wasn’t feeling well but my wife can’t see that. Now, my wife is really suspicious of me and she doesn’t seem to be able to accept the new me. The problem is that I like the new me and I feel good about myself. I know that I was big when we got married and my wife does like big men but now she is going to have to learn to love the new me. I feel a lot younger and I know that I look good in my new gear. It has given my entire life a boost and my self-confidence has increased many times over. She has just too get used to it. London escorts of

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I had been over weight for a long time when I decided enough was enough, I felt really bad about myself and did not have the strength to do anything. Finally I decided to embark on a weight loss diet and I weight to see a dietician, London escorts. The thing is my wife was big as well. We both needed to lose weight so that we could stay healthy for our children, the entire needed a lifestyle and they certainly got one with me. I even got myself a personal trainer.

From the start my wife was really against me trying to lose weight. She was against the entire family fitness routine thing and did not participate. I do all of the cooking so switching from junky food was easy with the help of the dietician. We came up with an eating plant that would suit me and the children. Soon both the children and I were getting healthier and we started to become more active. The only problem was my wife, she started to hate me and was even nasty to the children. It was obvious that she wanted us to stay fat.

Two months into the diet and healthy lifestyle plan came a shock. My wife said that she wanted a divorce on the grounds that there was nothing she could eat in the house. She claimed that I was making her life a misery and forced her to live the new healthy way. To my surprise she had even been to a solicitor and he sent me a letter threatening to take the kids a way. I wasn’t going to have any of that so with the help of my local GP I managed to persuade a court to let me keep the children with me. I was granted full custody and now I am a single dad.

My children and I live a very healthy lifestyle and I even had all of my excess skin removed surgically. I actually look like 35 years old and feel like 30. The children and I have a new partner in our lives, it is a Dalmatian who keeps us company on our long and healthy walks. With our Dalmatian came another partner as well. I met the breeder’s daughter and instantly fell in love. She is as active as I am and loves the new healthy me.