How to stay safe in London at night

By | March 16, 2017

Staying safe in London at night is a predicament for many girls who work for London escorts. Most of the girls do worry a bit when they are out and about in London late at night. It is not only the girls that worry, many of their boyfriends worry as well, and their dates. Nick who enjoys dating escorts in London says that he always walks his girls to their car after their date. According to him, it is simply not that safe for girls to go around on their own in London at night.

Charlene who works for a top London escorts agency in, makes sure that she has her mobile phone with her all of the time. When she feels threatened she walks with it in her hand and is ready to pick it up and call the police. But as she knows, her mobile phone may not be able to help her in a very serious situation, so at the same time, she makes sure that she is a lit up area and that her car is close. She also recommends to check the back seat before you get in your car. Somebody could be hiding in there.

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Nicky is a hot blonde who has been working for London escorts for the last two years. She is also aware that things can go wrong very quickly. Nicky loves to arrive at her date’s door looking all glamorous and dressed up, but she is also aware the stilettos can cause a problem. That is why she likes to make sure that she changes into flats quickly after she leaves her date. She says that it is vital when you need to get away quickly.

You may not believe this, says Louisa who works for a top London escorts service, but I carry a baton. It is a baton that I bought in an auction not so very long ago. All I need to do is to flick it and it opens up. I am fully aware that my baton is actually a weapon but I do think that I need it. It actually makes me feel safe and I think that is an important part of staying safe in London. You may even find that you walk in a much more confident way.

Over all staying safe in any major city can be a real problem for women. Are we not aware how quickly things can go wrong? The girls at London escorts often believe that we are not aware enough about our own security. Fortunately most of the girls have not had anything happen to them, but violent attacks are becoming more frequent in London. To stay safe in London, you really need to be sensible and think about what works for you. A mobile phone is great, but how quickly will the police respond – that is what you need to think of. Understanding that there is more than one aspect to security and moving around London at night is crucial.