London escorts were laughing and joking about condoms the other day, and it was quite a fun topic.

By | March 18, 2019



However, London escorts soon realized that the purpose of the condom has changed a lot. Let be honest, we should all be serious about using condoms say London escorts. London escorts say that sex education still leaves a lot to be desired, and London escorts say that many teachers still don’t cover the topic very well. It is probably a difficult topic for most teachers, and perhaps London escorts should be running sex education classes. But joking aside, London escorts are right – the use of the condom is more important than ever. All London escorts that I have ever spoken to advocate the use of condoms, and safe sex should be important to all of us, not only London escorts agency.

The History of the Condom

The use of the condom is well documented and its use goes back many thousands of years. The materials might have changed but condoms have been used since the early days to prevent pregnancy. Back then, condoms were not made from rubber or latex free materials, they were made from intestines of animals which had been cleaned. It may sound a bit disgusting but it was an effective way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. However, many people still did not use condoms and many women risked unwanted pregnancies. Condoms have been found all over the world, and in some countries they were made out of leather as well. They were sewn together and the condoms used to be washed after use.  It may seem odd to us now, but that was the only means people had to make condoms back then. It worked and on most occasions they were very effective. They prevented pregnancy but if they were not probably cleaned, they may not have prevented Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Change of Use

Condoms are still used to prevent pregnancy of course, but their purpose have shifted somewhat. They are not exclusively used for preventing pregnancy but they are also used to prevent disease. Many people still haven’t gotten to grips with sexual health, and this is the field where the humble condoms plays the most important role. Condoms do not reduce the pleasure of sex but they certainly remove the risk factor. They will prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease, and we should all be using them when we share our love lives with other or new partners. If you are a sex worker, it is very important that you use a condom at all times. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up with HIV infection, or one of the many other diseases that you can get from having different sexual partners. Condoms are important for youngsters but they are also important for older people. They may not be needed to prevent pregnancy but they are certainly there to stop the spread of disease. This is something which many seniors ignore, and as a result they are more likely to pick up STD’s. The role of the condom is now more important than ever.