Promoting an escorts agency in the UK can be kind of tough

By | October 10, 2018

You need to be able to use the Internet a lot so I am setting up a campaign. I called the Google AdSense people but they did not even want to talk to me. I have now been able to find a private Internet marketer who will help me to promote VIP Colchester escorts. We cannot not take out Google advertising so we will have to use the best keywords for the site. It may be a bit of a long haul but I am convinced that we can get there in the end.
I will actually bring with me one former porn star to the agency. She will sort of head up the VIP Colchester escorts service for the next six months, She looks really sexy in her photos, so I know that she will pull in a lot of business. Also I can promote her as a porn star and that makes a lot of difference to Google ratings. After a couple of months Gemma will go back to her normal job at my London agency. Hopefully by then, the agency will be up and running.
Colchester is not the sort of place that you would normally associate with VIP escorts services, but recently quite a few agencies have sprung up in the area. This is why I have decided to start up VIP Colchester escorts. It seems that after all, a lot of the local gents have a taste for dating escorts. Well, if they like to date regular escorts, I am sure that they would like to enjoy dating some of my classy escorts as well. After all, Colchester has rather an active business community and you do get a lot of business men dating escorts.
I am going to mix and match a little when I start VIP Colchester escorts from A couple of the girls from the escorts agency that I already own in central London are going to come down, and work for me in Colchester for a little while. They are sort of going to show the local talents the ropes. It is easy to think that you can step in as an elite escorts straight away, but you can’t really. You really need to know what you are doing, so I am hoping my experienced girls will be able to show the new girls what to do.
Most of the local talent is foreign. I have not had one English girl apply for a job. It surprised me at first but I then realized that a lot of Polish girls have settled around Colchester. Some of them have already worked for Colchester escorts, so I am doing the best I can to tempt them away from their agencies. Some of the girls are dreaming of being elite girls in London, but they are a long way off from being that. It takes a long time to become a Mayfair girl.